I would love the opportunity to quote your next project.

Contact me at stephen.monkemeier at or (312) 709 7676 to order a sign or for more information. 

You can also see more of my work (updated much more frequently) on Instagram.


A few F.A.Q.'s:

How do I order a sign?

  1. Contact me with the scope of the project including physical details and any time or budget concerns. (see below)
  2. I will provide you with a quote once I have the information I need.
  3. Once we agree on a price and timeframe I require a 50% deposit to get started.
  4. I get started painting!

What information do you need to get me a quote?

  • Exact dimensions of the sign
  • What surface or material you would like the sign to be painted on
  • The exact text copy
  • A copy of any image or logo I need to reproduce, whether a drawing or digital image (I can work with a .jpg but if you need it reproduced precisely I prefer an .ai or .eps file)
  • Whether I need to match any colors and how many (I can't offer scientific precision but if you have a sample of the color—physical, not digital—I can get close enough to meet your needs)
  • If I'm going to be painting on site, I prefer to visit the site, but pictures and measurements of the site can help initially

How do you determine a price?

I take into consideration the cost of materials and time involved. Time is determined by the detail of the project. In other words more effects on a line of text (shadows, outlines, etc) and more individual colors used, the higher the price. Size is really less of a factor, although height can drive a price up since it can mean renting a lift or scaffolding.

Can you design a sign/logo/letterhead/help me with branding my business?

I am nuts about visual identities and would be happy to design your sign and convert it to a digital file for print or online use. However I am not an ad man and if you need help picking a company name or slogan, designing a website, or laying out your menu, you should probably hire someone else.

What do you need from me to design a sign?

I need the exact text you want painted and any visual references you can provide. Photos of other signs or artwork are very much appreciated. It's also best to discuss in advance the level of "finish" you want in the sign— "perfection is standard, mistakes cost extra!"

What materials do you work with?

 I paint on virtually anything. I've worked on brick, drywall, glass, steel and more. In the studio I usually paint on plywood, masonite, aluminum sign blanks, paper or glass. These can be delivered but I am a better painter than an installation expert, so hanging the sign will be your responsibility.

My weapon of choice is a Scharff squirrel hair lettering quill and 1-Shot Sign Painter's Enamel. I can work with latex or acrylic as well but this traditional combo usually works for everything.

How long does it take to get a sign?

As much as I would love to meet all my client's needs immediately, as a sole proprietor it really depends on my schedule. Sometimes I am available right away, other times I won't be able to deliver it for 3-4 weeks. It's best to inquire in advance.

Can you paint a sign and ship it to me if I don't live in Chicago?

I would be glad to, but be sure to send me complete information regarding the project. Standard shipping rates and timeframes do apply.

Do you travel for work?

If you live in Chicago proper I will be glad to come to you free of charge. I am happy to travel outside the city or the state if you are willing to fund it. I can travel by car up to 20-30 miles outside the city for the cost of gas or anywhere in the U.S. (or the world!) for the cost of airfare and accommodation.

Can I visit your shop?

I work out of a home studio right now, and do not have a public shop. If you would like to see some of my work in person, please contact me.