December show(s) update

I'll be participating in two separate sign painting shows this month, one with the Pre-Vinylite Society and one with my fellow sign painters of Chicago. If you missed the show at Revolution Brewing or were disappointed that the works were so high up and there was no opening reception, here's your chance to see those works up close and personal.

But first:

ICYCAPS Show Flyer Color NEW-01.jpg

Sign painter Colt Bowden and the Pre-Vinylite Society have put together a show that will feature some top-notch signs from around the country—and world. The PVS is a "loose network of like-minded letter junkies" and this seasonally appropriate, ice-themed show will feature some of the best names in sign painting, as well as opening the door to newcomers like myself. If you're in the San Jose area, be sure to check it out, but hopefully this won't be the last incarnation of this show!


*An unauthorized, unofficial glance at  Ches Perry 's show card

*An unauthorized, unofficial glance at Ches Perry's show card


WHERE THE WIND BLOWS is the second exhibition that Heart and Bone Signs have put together for us Chicago sign painters, this time at Ugly Step Sister Gallery in the heart of the Pilsen East arts district. It will feature most of the same work from our previous show at Revolution Brewpub, but I'll be working on some new stuff for this one, too.

Once again, this one has an opening reception and I will be there, so come on out!


Both shows open Friday the 13th (so hopefully any bad luck will cancel out)